What's new

Version (2021/03/16)

  • Added: support emulation of UnixSocket Agent for pub/priv key authentication with WSL
  • Fixed: issue with "promptcredentialonce" for TSG configuration

Version (2021/03/11)

  • Added: ability to configure a TSG for RDP connections. Both customisable in Global Preferences as well as in session's configuration for overriding default parameters

Version (2021/02/22)

  • Added: support of Key Exchange algorithm: "diffie-hellman-group14-sha256","diffie-hellman-group16-sha512"
  • Added: support of Host Key algorithm: "rsa-sha2-256","rsa-sha2-512"
  • Added: ability to import Putty sessions with "-importputtysessions" command line argument. Session's attribute extracted are: "SessionName", "HostName", "PortNumber", "Protocol", "ProxyHost", "ProxyPort", "ProxyPassword", "ProxyUsername", "UserName". All sessions are imported in "Putty [imported]" folder.

Version (2021/02/12)

  • Added: support emulation of OpenSSH Agent thru named pipe (\\pipe\.\openssh-ssh-agent) for SSH pub/priv key authentication with VSCode/Remote SSH,Cygwin,Windows/ssh.exe,...
  • Added: ability to globally set window transparency for all instances of a session

Version (2020/07/03)

  • Added: ability to add some additional "rawsettings" for WinSCP (Global + customizable / session)
  • Fixed: issue with recalculation of "WinSCP" command line in case of changes in session parameters
  • Added: ability to choose "Windows key combinations" for RDP connections. Both global and session's customization are available
  • Added: "Color Blind" theme
  • Fixed: issue on freeing "Local Port Forwarding" when disconnecting from SSH session
  • Added: ability to directly mimic "UDPConsole" protocol when executable is named "UDPConsole.exe"

Version (2020/01/05)

Version 4.4.6 (2019/11/21)

  • Added "DisableCredSSPSupport" for RDP session enabling password change thru RDP session (enablecredsspsupport:0 https://mssec.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/forced-password-change-at-next-logon-and-rdp/)
  • Fixed: issue with ansi color rendering for some "bright colors"
  • Fixed: issue on terminal emulation when scrolling up was requested
  • Added support of "Bracketed Paste Mode"
  • Fixed: some behaviors on with MouseReport Mode
  • Changed: Now need of ALT (+CTRL) for moving/resizing window sessions with arrows

Version 4.4.5 (2019/10/16)

  • Added: support of HMAC algorithm: "hmac-sha2-256"
  • Added: support of private key file "openssh-key-v1" / RSA

Version 4.4.4 (2019/01/04)

  • Fixed : Issue when "Quit without confirmation" was checked. Dialog box was still appearing

Version 4.4.3 (2018/10/15)

  • Added : ability to use "internal and global env. variables" in Port forwarding attributes
  • Added : ability to set left and top predined or customized position in "Remote client display parameters"
  • Added : GlobalOptions : "TailLogProgram" & "TailLogArguments"

Version (2018/02/20)

  • Added : ability to select "full windows folder path" in terminal window on doubme-click (press ALT+DBLCLK for env. var. format selection %var%,$var,${var})

Version 4.4.2 (2017/08/26)

  • Added : ability to search sessions with "comment" attribute (+name, +hostname, +description)

Version 4.4.1 (2017/08/03)

  • Added : internal Env.Var are now taken into account for "AppFiles"

Version 4.4.0 (2017/05/15)

  • Added : "ssh-ed25519" pubkey user and host key algorithm support
  • Added : ability to authenticate host with SSH certificate keys "ssh-ed25519-cert-v01@openssh.com" (OpenSSH 6.6)
  • Added : "ssh-ed25519" pubkey algorithm in "Key Generator"

Version (2016/10/18)

  • Added : Option in "Global Preferences" for enabling "auto expand" of the treeview after each reload
  • Fixed : Issue with W10 jump list when pinning/unpinning sessions
  • Fixed : Issue with Key generator
  • Fixed : Issue with proxy error 403 was not properly handled
  • Added : Ability to start SFTP in the current directory
  • Fixed: issue with Key Generator

Version (2016/09/15)

  • Fixed : Issue with SSH Dyn port forwarding "HTTP Proxy". Ports different from 80 were not taken into account
  • Fixed : Issue when erasing screen with some escape sequences
  • Added : Ability define session and global variables that can be used in other objects such as Scripting,Context commands,Username,Host,Port,...

Version (2016/06/12)

  • Fixed : Issue while converting UTF8 buffers
  • Fixed : Issue while sending default user with "Quick connect"
  • Fixed : Issue while SSH server wanted to renegociate a new key and a channel open phase was requested

Version 4.3.0 (2016/05/28)

  • Added : ability to manage a second SSH Gateway
  • Added : global option to prevent display of error dialog boxes

Version (2016/04/09)

  • Fixed : Issue while selecting text in a session on Windows 10
  • Fixed : Scrolling escape sequences were missing with 'xterm' emulation (e.g. : page scrolling in 'nano')
  • Added : Ability to add optional options on SSH Gateway configuration (Global Preferences/SSH)
  • Fixed : Issue with Alt meta keys (now properly send <ESC>+<Key>) and Ctrl+<Space>
  • Added : ability to select terminal session's text in column with Alt+Mouse

Version (2016/03/06)

  • Fixed : Issue while authenticating with SSH "keyboard-interactive" method
  • Fixed : Issue while negociating first handshake with Solaris SSH servers

Version 4.2.0 (2015/10/08)

  • Added: Support of CAPI and PKCS#11 libraries enabling SmartCard authentication
  • Added: Hotkey for displaying "Search sessions" dialog box
  • Added: SSH dynamic port forwarding now supports HTTP (multiplexed with both Socks V4(A) and V5)

Version 4.1.0 (2015/03/06)

  • Added: Ability to use another SSH TTYEmulator session as a "dynamic" proxy
  • Added: new color themes

Version 4.0.0 (2013/12/15)

  • Added: ability to authenticate host with SSH certificate keys  
    * Key types supported : ssh-rsa-cert-v00@openssh.com,ssh-dss-cert-v00@openssh.com(OpenSSH 5.4), ssh-rsa-cert-v01@openssh.com,ssh-dss-cert-v01@openssh.com(since OpenSSH 5.6). Neither "critical options" nor "extensions" fields are supported
    * CA/pub keys can be managed in "Global preferences/Certificate Authorities". Host patterns supported: *.domain.com,!hostdenied.domain.com,www.otherdomain.com,
  • Added: Auto-reload sessions tree in case of configuration update (e.g.: XML configuration file sharing)
  • Fixed: Issue when reloading sessions in Sessions manager : last selected session was not properly retrieved 

Version 3.9.8 (2012/07/29)

  • Fixed: Exit from session manager if ESC key is hit while "Keep session manager opened..." is not checked
  • Added: Ability to create group of tags for filtering and searching
  • Added: Special folders have been added ("TagGroup", "Tags" and "Protocols") in the Sessions' Manager TreeView. These containers can be used to group sessions in whatever manner makes sense for your organization.          
    This functionality is activable in "Sessions' Manager parameters" tab in "Global preferences".          
  • Added: Ability to set sessions on tags through contextual menu
  • Added: Abitity to set a session as a favorite. Associated special folder has been added in the Sessions' Manager TreeView.
  • Added: Ability to modify max. entries and recent sessions for JumpList (Win7/W2K8)
  • Added: Ability to define multiple SSH gateways and to assign them to the different sessions
  • Fixed: Characters formatting into clipboard! Fixed : On renaming folder with "F2" --> Reloading tree rather than on renaming the item (Path is embedded within each subitem)
  • Added: Now dialog boxes are displayed with "anti-aliasing" to avoid "jaggued" characters

Version 3.9.5 (2012/01/30)

  • Added support of new protocol types
  • ICA/RDP/VNC : enable to define sessions for connecting to Citrix servers, MS Terminal servers, VNC servers (ICAManager replacement)
  • WebURL : enable to define HTTP(S) URL in Sessions Manager
  • Added ability to choose a specific browser to start with URL defined in TTYEmulator
  • Corrected taking into account username in quick connection parameters
  • Added ability to add a description for folders
  • Added "Quick connection to..." task in Jumplist
  • Added option "Mouse wheel always scroll terminal"
  • Added a default "Keep alive" value in global preferences (Tab "Session"). This value can be overridden in session properties.

Version 3.9.3 (2011/12/15)

  • Added possibility to change serial comm parameters "dynamically" (no more need to disconnect and reconnect the session)
  • Added customization of colors for URL display
  • Added device driver name and technology for serial comm. ports
  • Added delay between 2 lines paste customizable per session (DialogBox Communication options)

Version 3.9.2 (2011/08/10)

  • Added "save" button in SSH Key agent in order to save public key in file
  • Support OpenSSH/AES encrypted private key files
  • "JumpList" management for Win7 and W2K8 OSs
  • Added URL parameter "usermsg" : allow a user message to be displayed when before the session connection 
  • Added SSH Keys generator tool (RSA+DSA 1024, 2048 bits)
  • Possibility to add the new generated key in SSH agent after key generation